Brace-let Yourself for 2017 | Pt. 2 Bangle Angle

Bangle Angle

Bangle Bracelets historically come from India. A bangle Bracelet refers to any object that is round, hard, and sometimes may have a hinge. Bangle Bracelets are one of the oldest versions of the bracelet. One of the oldest art objects ever found was the bronze figurine of the Dancing Girl C. 2500 B.C.. It is a figurine of a nude girl with one arm on her hip, while the other arm is completely weighted down by a large collection of Bangle Bracelets. My kind of girl!

Today, it is still very much a part of India’s culture and tradition. This accessory is used in ceremonies and for milestones in a woman’s life, such as when she gets married. Traditions vary in each part of India. In one area, the only time a married woman removes her bangles is either when she is in labor or when she is widowed. The baby shower in India is actually called “the bangle ceremony”.  This event is held to try and ward off evil spirits that might be around the pregnant mother to be.

It’s so interesting to me that for a symbol of matrimony in most western cultures is a ring, while far eastern culture uses bangles and yet both are circles. I have always loved Bangle Bracelets and wear them solo or keep piling them on…sometimes 36 at a time all the way up my arm!

The Bangle style is the true chameleon of the bracelet. Depending on the material and amount, it can be worn and read as tailored and conservative to eccentric and bohemian and all styles in between.  The Bibi Van Der Velden Scarab & Pearl bracelet is an interesting ancestral nod to Egypt, one of the first cultures where bracelets have been documented using the Scarab, which Egyptian culture believes will ward off evil.

The Amrita Singh the Crystal & Gold Tone Keya Bangle Set is a very traditional set and can  be worn alone and also easily combines with other bangles. A more modern take on the bangle bracelet it is the Sylvio Giardina Squared Bangle Bracelet. A hinged bangle option is the Eshvi Lava Bracelet. Bangles will continue to be popular in the future, as seen by the VOJD Studio Diamond Shaped Bangle Bracelet, which is 3-D printed. Start or add to your collection, with these and the other Bangle Bracelets below.


1. Amrita Singh – Crystal & Goldtone Keya Bangle Set

2. Bibi Van Der Velden – Scarab & Pearl Bangle Bracelet

3. Sofia Ramsay – Geo Bangles Set

4. Eshvi – Lava Bracelet

5. Mawi – Ball Breaker Bracelet

6. Vodj Studios – Diamond Shaped Bangle Bracelet

7. Lele Sadoughi – Hinged Faux-Pearl Slider Bracelet

8. Marni – Poui Wood & Goldtone Bracelet

9. Stefano Patriarchi – Wooden Bangle Bracelet

10. Sylvio Giardina – Squared Bangle Bracelet

11. Tory Burch – Hexagon Logo Bracelet

12. Lara Bohinc – ‘Solaris Sun And Moon’ Bangle











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