Brace-let Yourself for 2017 | Pt. 1 Off the Cuff

Brace-let Yourself for 2017!

Bracelets, an accessory that quite literally has stood the test of time! The first bracelet can be traced back between 5000 and 7000 BC. The word Bracelet comes from the Greek word bracchio, meaning of the arm. How interesting that bracelets have been in the vast majority of cultures around the world and for so many centuries. Some of the styles have remained the same, while others have evolved, primarily due technology and resources. Bracelets are a great way to add a bit of glimmer and interest to the long sleeve sweater during the doldrums of winter. That being said, bracelets can be worn in every season. I wear bracelets almost everyday and season. I am an Omni-bracelet style kind of woman! However, I do notice that there are different types of bracelets people tend to embrace-let…so I have categorized them and given several options for you in each style.




If you’re somebody who likes a Cuff Bracelet there are different types here for you to choose from. They range from thin to thick, narrow to wide. I always feel the larger the cuff travels from my wrist to my elbow the more evocative it is of the ancient cultures of Egypt and Rome. Cuff Bracelets range from delicate to heavy and run the gamut of motifs. The Athina Floral Cuff Bracelet from Aurélie Bidermann has a spray of daisies very delicately and sinuously wrapping around the wrist. The Black Horn Cage Cuff Bracelet from NEST jewelry is architectural, tribal, and delightfully deco, all coalesced into a bold, yet linear statement piece.  A socially conscious choice is the Safety Pin Cuff from KT Collection. This bracelet comes in brass or silver and can be worn with either the pin closure side up or with the pin on the under side of the wrist, which is more linear. A portion of the bracelet’s proceeds is donated to Planned Parenthood. The Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Shield Cuff Bracelet from the side looks as though a Roman Centurion would wear it, however it looks extremely delicate from the front. Givenchy’s Gold Falcon Cuff’s motif pays homage to the Egyptian culture, which is where one of the first bracelets has ever been discovered. These are just a few of the many Cuff Bracelets to choose from below.







1. Alexis Bittar – Crystal Encrusted Figurine Bondage Hinge Bracelet

2. Alexis Bittar – Liquid Gold Shield Cuff Bracelet

3. Alexis Bittar – Pierced Pyramid Ring Cuff

4. NEST Jewelry – Black Horn Cage Cuff Bracelet

5. Carole Shashona – Pavé Black Diamond Goddess Cuff

6. Aurélie Bidermann – Athina Floral Cuff Bracelet

7. Dauphin – 3 Strands Diamond Cuff Bracelet

8. Givenchy – Falcon Cuff Bracelet

9. Givenchy – Geometric Round Bracelet

10. Jenny Bird – Moonsong Cuff

11. KT Collection Safety Pin Bracelet











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