Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Pets

Our “Furry Children” and companions that give us unconditional love definitely deserve to be pampered too! Let’s be honest, we have to live with their beds, bowls, cat beds, and doghouses, so why not have it fit with the look of your home! The Meshidai Double Feeders are sleek and modern and come in various sizes to accommodate your pet. The Jonathan Adler Lucite Dog Bed is a modern take on campaign style furniture.

I always enjoy seeing people’s choices in dog coats, collars, and leashes. You can tell more about the owner than the dog! The Westerly Dog Trench coat is doggedly dapper! The Italian Leather Dog Collar, Leash, and Business Bag from Mark and Graham are stylish, come in an array of truly different colors, and can be personalized.

Fe-line the pressure to buy the Purr-fect gift for your Cat? The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is a fun filled choice. My cat loves to Bird Watch, however the birds don’t feel the same way! Problem solved…The One-Way Mirrored Bird Feeder will give your cat hours of entertainment.

There are many other gift choices for our “Furry Children” on my Pet Gift Guide below!





1. Jonathan Adler – Lucite Dog Bed

2. Dog Perignonn Champagne Dog Toy

3. Felix Chien – Westerly Trench Dog Coat

4. Mark and Graham – Italian Leather Dog Collar

5. Lulu & Georgia – Le Chien et Le Chat Bowls

6. Hairmes Box – Designer Dog Toy

7. Haute House – Isabella Dog Bed

8.  U-pet – Pet Carriers

9. RAH:DESIGN – MDK9 Dog Haus

10. Meshidai – Double Feeders

11. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

12. One-Way Mirror Bird Feeder

13. Taslon Weatherproof Coat

14. Tennis Ball Dog Play Sets

15. Mark and Graham – Italian Leather Business Bag

16. Aspen Hooded Parka w/Faux Fur Trim

17. Madison Pet Bowl & Stand

18. Primetime Petz Hauspanther Cubitat Cat Bed in Espresso


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