Manhattan Vintage Show

Vintage Show Featured Image - Empress of Style

Let’s start out our relationship with full disclosure:  I love vintage clothing. There’s something amazing about going to a vintage show where there are hundreds of vendors from all over America there for the choosing. I think clothing is an art form. Perhaps that’s why so many museums have a costume institute. Both clothing and The Arts are indicative of whatever is going on at the time.

Going to the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show or any vintage store to me is like a trip through history and I am a girl who likes her history. My predilection would be towards the 60s and 70s, but I do love some things in the 20’s-40s.  I pretty much love every decade except the 80s, where I think we actually tried to make ourselves look unattractive.  The 80’s: a decade full of big shoulder pads, acid washed denim and big hair. It’s a big: NO! Never for me again.

To me as soon as I walk through the doors at the Metropolitan Pavilion it is: GAME ON! I have a strategy and my strategy is this:  if I absolutely love it I’ll buy it right away.  Otherwise I comb all all of the stalls until I find exactly what I want. Then I think to myself, “Is it that special?”  Many of these people now sell through online sites and eBay and it’s a little harder to get the true unique pieces, but here you get the crème de la crème of vintage. The vendors have limited space; so only bring their best.

The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is twice a year and I look forward to it every time. It’s like going to Disney World for clothes. Which rides do I want to go on? The 1920s ride or the 1970s ride? Where am I going to have the most fun?


My other items that I covet besides clothing are accessories.  I pretty much have a little love affair going on with accessories in general.  So what’s my relationship with vintage accessories? Now that’s been my lover for a very long time. Hello Lover! I said to an amazing black patent purse at the last show. I also purchased a Pucci dress and some other items from Polly and Ester, who are the 70’s best friends! Polyester pretty much ruled 70’s fashion, so yes I actually own a lot of it. The show is very much a sensory overload, a large quilt with all these wonderfully crazy patterns put together. A warm quilt I look forward to wrapping myself in again come fall.

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