Brace-let Yourself for 2017 | Pt. 4 Wrist Trysts

These bracelets I call “Wrist Trysts”, as it is probably not your everyday bracelet. So special, that it is in need of the right outfit and moment, that you occasionally meet up with them and adorn your arm for a tryst! They are distinctively designed discussion pieces! The KikiJewels Fire Game Crisscrossing Bracer is truly stunning it can be worn over a sleeve or completely by itself. I’ll take two please! The Torque collection bracelet in rose gold is a delicate harness of bracelet crisscrossing up the arm. The Stazia Loren “French Cuff” Bracelet is just that…A French cuff with a cufflink! Peruse the other wrist trysts below…


1.Kikijewels – Fire Game Crisscrossing Bracer

2. Deepa By Deepa Gurnani – Gigi Bracelet

3. Lomo – Torc Collection Bracelet

4. Reminiscence – Reminissime Bracelet

5. Stanzia Loren – “French Cuff” Bracelet

6. Vodj Studios – ‘Cage Statement’ Bracelet

7. Balenciaga – Bow Bracelet Pouch





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