Holiday Gift Guide 2017 | Men

People tend to think it’s hard to buy gifts for men. Here, I have given you an expansive guide to demystify Gifts for Guys. TECH-nically speaking Men’s gifts are really fun to shop for and buy. And as I hinted, technology is a good place to start. Most men seem to have a strong relationship with Tech and gadgets. The Hudway Glass is a clear HUD-Heads up Display- mounted to a car’s dashboard. It syncs with your smart phone to deliver key navigation and customizable information, so all eyes are on the road and the men in your life can stay safe.

A real conversation piece is the Hoveric Levitating Speaker, which creates 360-degree sound while it floats and spins. Shopping for a more visual Man? Then the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector by SONY® makes any flat surface into a monitor, movie screen or wall art. The unit has internal speakers and a battery, so it goes anywhere. It links to all devices: computer, tablet, and smart phone. These are just a few highlights of its amazing capabilities.

If you have a man who needs a Personal Assistant get him the Vinci Smart Headphones. Using AI-Technology it recognizes your voice, favorite restaurants & music, and much more. It syncs across all of your platforms: calendar, search engine, music, and beyond. This voice-activated smart headphone allows you to leave your phone at home and works off the cloud.

For someone who travels, gift them the Dark Brown Hold-all Suit Carrier from Suit Supply. It is a great weekender, which unzips to roll out a detachable suit bag. Whether at the gym before the office or on a trip, his suits are looking crisp for that meeting. Barneys New York Skull and Crossbones Cashmere Travel Throw and Mask Set is just the right amount of practical and whimsy.

Men also gravitate towards collecting sunglasses, so why not give him the modern and masculine lines of the Tom Ford Rodrigo Rectangular Sunglasses. For a more classic look, the Ray-Ban Blaze Shooter Flat Shield sunglasses are an updated version of their iconic Aviator style.

Some Men stay away from décor, because they can’t find masculine pieces. Problem Solved! Here are some great gift items for any room. The Bahia Grande Quartz Crystals by Roost are various sized Obelisks whose presence is commanding and peaceful. The Prism Bookends by Alexandra von Furstenberg are a piece of sculpture unto themselves. The MOVA® Space Constellations Globe utilizes ambient light and the earth’s magnetic field to silently rotate the globe.

Watches: Men’s standard accessory. Men love their watches. Notice plural! Men tend to have several watches, so why not give him a Wolf Roadster Double Watch Winder & Case. It winds, stores, and travels! The Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum Latin Unicef watch is benevolent and picturesque. It shows twenty-four time zones and many other features. A portion of the proceeds goes to UNICEF- The United Nations Children’s fund.

If you are going to give them a useful gift, then I would suggest pushing the interesting envelope. Perhaps, a color shoe they don’t have? Gift them the Paul Smith Men’s Navy High-Shine ‘Crispen’ Brogues, which look great not only with a suit, but also with your more casual jeans or slacks. A fun pocket square is a great gift to give to a man. The Tom Ford Geometric Diagonal Silk Pocket Square is a piece of Pop Art. Barneys New York Men’s Snail Print Wool-Cashmere Pocket Square is an ethereal X-Ray of a shell. Most men use the same wallet all year long, so why not give them a dress wallet? A graphically great gift is the Cadogan Leather Bi-Fold Wallet from dunhill. For A Man who prefers card cases, then gift them the Prada Colorblocked Saffiano Card Holder.

Gift a color, style or item they have never thought to wear. That way, their wardrobe and style will get a gently gorgeous nudge to evolve. There are many other interesting gifts below, which will enhance a Man’s world.


1. Mova Globe – MOVA® Space Constellations Globe

2. Barneys New York – Men’s Snail-Print Wool-Cashmere Pocket Square

3. Alexandra Von Furstenberg – Prism Book Ends

4. Hoveric Levitating Speaker

5. Ermenegildo Zegna – Venticinque Medallion Tie

6. Barneys New York – Skull & Bones Cashmere Travel Throw & Eye Mask Set

7. Barneys New York – Texas Poker Game Set

8. Interlude Home – Wynn Brass Knot Sculpture

9. DetrioitWick – Infinity Calendar-Crystal

10. Barneys New York – Oversized Medallion Print Silk Pocket Square

11. Dunhill – Cadogan Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

12. Montblanc – Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum Latin Unicef Watch

13. Joan Busing – Boxes in Time monoprint

14. Paul Smith – Peace Enameled Silver Tone Cufflinks

15. Native Union – iPhone Marble Dock

16. Phaidon – Wallpaper City Guide Collection

17. PauL Smith – Men’s Black Photo Floral Tie

18. Hudway – Glass

19. Vinci – Smart Headphones

20. Roost – Bahia Grande Quartz Crystals

21. PauL Smith – Men’s Navy High-Shine ‘Crispen’ Brogues

22. PauL Smith – Men’s Socks Gift Box 1st Edition

23. Tom Ford – Rodrigo Rectangular Sunglasses

24. Wolf – Roadster Double Watch Winder & Case

25. Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

26. Prada – Colorblocked Saffiano Card Holder

27. Ray-Ban – Blaze Shooter Flat Shield Sunglasses

28. Sebastien Grey – Navy Color Block Scarf

29. Tom Ford – Geometric Diagonal Silk Pocket Square

30. Suit Supply – Dark Brown Holdall Suit Carrier

31. Turnbull & Asser – Silk Jacquard Tie

32. Paul Feig for JCrew – Blue Flower Lapel Pin

33. Brackish & Bell – Kiawah Feather Bow Tie

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