Taxi Shoes

It’s no mystery that I love platform shoes. I’m convinced I was a Geisha, or a Courtesan, or both in my other lives. Platform shoes are super comfortable; I can run around the city streets in them, I can stand in them all day long, and they transform me from 5’2″ to upwards 5’7″ instantly. Now do you see why I’m in love with platforms?



That being said…of course being a Fashionista, I love a beautiful high-heeled shoe as well. I refer to these shoes as my “Taxi Shoes”. I only wear them if I am taking a Taxi to wherever I’m going, standing for a few hours, and getting a taxi home. When making plans, I always think about my transportation before making my shoe selection. There is nothing more unfeminine than seeing a gorgeously dressed woman hobbling home barefooted through the streets of NYC, high heels in hand. Plan ahead Ladies! Know when to adorn your feet with high heels aka “Taxi Shoes” or platforms. This is my homage to taxi shoes!

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